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Annual Ehlers Cup Golf Outing


Men's Volleyball alumni, family, and friends...

The Ehlers Cup was a dream and goal of giving back to our alma mater, and for all it meant to us alumni.  The Pepperdine experience has left a mark on our lives in a sense of who we are and why we are where we are today.

All the volleyball players recognize the past and present teachers and school administration, and the athletic department for all their hard work in making our experience a success.  We were proud to represent Pepperdine and play for Marv Dunphy, who best personifies the school everyday through his players and staff on and off the campus.

We continue to work on the legacy of the Pepperdine volleyball tradition and The Ehlers Cup, where our families and friends can enjoy golf and sharing memories and the latest news.

Thank you for being a part of this unique event.

Brian C Ehlers
Founder, The Ehlers Cup

Pepperdine, Class of '81

2013 EVENT

Come join us on Sunday, Octobter 20 at the Malibu Country Club for the annual Ehlers Cup! 

Click here to download the registration form. 

For more information about the Ehlers Cup (entries or sponsorship information), or if you are a men's volleyball alum whose contact information has changed, please contact Jordan Cheng at or (310) 506-7101.


2012 Malbu Country Club

First Place: Randy Bergstedt, Jamie Smith, Drew Pillsbury, Don Spering
Second Place: Randy Sapoznik, Ron Padilla, Tyler Mathew, Paul McCarter
Third Place: Chip McCaw, Charlie McCaw, Bob Malaby, Nick McCutchen 

2011 Malibu Country Club (Program's 40th Anniversary Celebration) 
First Place:
Randy Bergstedt, Jamie Smith, Drew Pillsbury, Don Spering
Second Place: Gary Wilcox, Sue Wilcox, John Wilcox, Kiyan Mashhoon
Third Place: Rob Scott, Joni Scott, Mark Arnold, Dave Trujillo 

2010 Lost Canyons Country Club

2009 Lost Canyons Country Club
First Place (-11): Jay Rubenstein, Dan Pollock, Matt Pollock, Dave Myers
Second Place (-10, tiebreaker): Eldin Onsgard, James Smith, Jake Ehlers, Brian Ehlers
Third Place (-10): Gary Wilcox, Sue Wilcox, John Wilcox, Tarik Horvath

2008 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-15): Bob Malaby, Charlie McCaw, Chip McCaw
Second Place (-13): Rick McLaughlin, Colin Wellman, Eddie Rupp, Jeff Stork
Third Place (-10): Jamie Smith, Randy Bergstedt, Drew Phillsbury, Matt Pollock

2007 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-16): Rob Scott, Andrew Scott, Mark Arnold, Steve Friedman (-16)
Second Place (-13): Rick McLaughlin, Jeff Stork, Collin Wellman, Ryan Andrews
Third Place (-12): Jamie Smith, Randy Bergstedt, Tedd Dodd, Gene Leduff

2006 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-13): Mike Blanchard, Joe Rokus, Ted Dodd, Dave Johnson
Second Place (-11, tiebreaker): Randy Bergstedt, Jamie Smith, Tom Parr, Matt Morphy
Third Place (-11): Sandy Wellman, Colin Wellman, Rich McLaughlin, James Ka

2005 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-15): Mark Arnold, Matt Morphy, Steve Friedman, Rob Scott
Second Place (-11): Randy Bergstedt, Jamie Smith, Eugene Leduff
Third Place (-10): Jake Ehlers, Brian Ehlers, Sam Lagana

2004 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-11): Gary Sato, Ann Herold, Joe Herold, David Lucky
Second Place (-10): Tully Friedman, Dave Johnson, Jake Ehlers, Brian Ehlers
Third Place (-9): Rob Scott, Joani Scott, Mark Arnold, Alex Castillo

2003 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-12): Dain Blanton, Ted Dodd, Dave Johnson, Ian Clark
Second Place (-11): Chris Gibbs, Mike Cram, Lee Bowling, Dave Myers
Third Place (-9): Randy Bergstedt, Jeff Walcott, Chris Sangster, Scott Engle

2002 Malibu Country Club
First Place (-12): Colin Wellman, Sandy Wellman, Rich McLaughlin, Rob McLaughlin
Second Place (-10): Troy Tanner, Mark Arnold, Steve Friedman, Rob Scott
Third Place (-9): Sam Lagana, Chris Sangster, Randy Bergstedt, Tom Parr

2001 Diamond Bar Golf Course
First Place (-8): Colin Wellman, Chris VanReusen, Bryan Newcomb, Greg Vernovage
Second Place (-6, tiebreaker): Larry Volke, Gary Sato, Chris Sangster, Rob Clark
Third Place (-6): Dave Myers, 'Dad' Myers, Rob Vlasich, Dijon Douphner

2000 Costa Mesa Golf Course
First Place (-11): John Garacochea, Dave Foell, Tom Parr, Paul White
Second Place (-11, tiebreaker): Mike Blancard, Marv Dunphy, Chris Stanley, Dijon Douphner
Third Place (-10): Greg Vernovage, Colin Wellman, Rich McLaughlin, Chris Jacobson

1999 Diamond Bar Golf Course

1998 Rancho San Joaquin Golf Course, Irvine

1997 Costa Mesa Golf Course

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